DINAZZANO PO Spa carries out the following types of transport:

– – Freight transport, including the performance of weighted trains, exceeding 1600 tonnes (ref. Art. 60 PGOS);

-Transport of dangerous goods referred to in Chapter 2.1 of the RID, excluding Classes 1 and 7.

-Transport of waste in 4C (collection and transport of special non-hazardous waste) and 5F (Collection and transport of hazardous waste)

The system defined by DINAZZANO PO SPA provides for the carrying out of the above types of transport on some lines of the national railway infrastructure managed by RFI and on the lines of the emilia romagna regional railway infrastructure managed by FER.

Dinazzano Po SpA also carries out rolling services, train training and technical verification at the following railway stations:

  • Dinazzano (RE);
  • Guastalla (RE);
  • Rubiera (RE);
  • Reggio Emilia;
  • Ferrara;
  • Bondeno (FE);
  • Ravenna, Single Manager (ATI with Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal);
  • Modena